GWP Inc. is a full-service advertising agency that tailors our work to your company’s needs. Our campaigns are built to reinforce a brand’s essence. No matter what your marketing needs are, we can achieve your strategic goals with our services. After all, we’re a leading marketing agency in NJ for a reason.


It all begins with a strategic plan. You can’t build a house without a blueprint and you can’t have great marketing without smart strategy.


To deliver effective print advertising, you need smart ideas, smart images, and smart writing. Here, we do everything including concept, layout, copy, production, and media buying.


A great picture tells a story that sells the product or service. Our photographers and image retouchers work in a range of specialty areas from lifestyle to tabletop and are experienced in capturing your brand.


Sometimes, the perfect sound bite is all you need. We develop, produce and handle all sound design post-production for radio to ensure your brand message is clearly heard.


If what Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message” is correct, then cost management and placement of advertising is just as important as the advertising itself. At GWP, we maximize your reach with effective planning and spending.


Of course, it may start with logo design. In any event, your brand’s essence should permeate every possible touchpoint. Therefore, it’s vital to have strategy behind branding.


Television is still a strong channel for reaching a brand’s potential audience. Our full-service advertising agency creates commercials that solve the creative challenge while also maximizing both production budgets and media spends.


Our video content production includes writing, shooting, editing, and post as well as computer animation. We can create corporate videos, web films and digital content.


Good package design is an extension of your brand. Does your packaging grab people? More importantly, do people grab it?


A website is a company’s face to the public. When designing sites, we make sure they are consistent with a brand’s identity and expresses the brand vision. We partner with clients to ensure an appealing and satisfying user journey. We also make sites SEO friendly so potential customers can find you.


Fact: Social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. This sector has grown faster than the Internet itself. That is why our job of delivering brand messaging, curating content, and growing the online community is so critical to modern businesses. Social media is the new business card.


Informing, connecting, and rewarding your audience with the right promotion will get them directly engaged with your product or service.