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Air Group LLC

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Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis, P.C.


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Peckar & Abramson

Runway of Dreams Website
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Runway of Dreams Website

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Scranton Products Eclipse

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Vycom Warm/Cool Shoot Part II

Vycom Men Warm
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Vycom Warm/Cool Shoot

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Vycom Plastics Marketing Photoshoot




Our Services

Here, our full-service advertising agency tailors all of our work to your company’s needs. For one thing, all of our campaigns are built to reinforce your brand’s strategy. In other words, no matter what your goals are, we can achieve them with our services.


Above all, we’re the one-stop shop for all people & businesses. In fact, we get the job done efficiently and effectively within these walls, ranging from website design to videography. After all, we’re a leading marketing agency in NJ for a reason!

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Again, it all begins with planning. For example, you can’t build a house without a blueprint. Similarly, you can’t have great marketing without a smart strategy.


In order to deliver effective print advertising, you need smart ideas, smart images, and smart copy. Here, we do everything, from concept, to design, to media buying. Similarly, our full-service advertising agency handles it all from start to finish.


Above all, a great picture tells the story and sells the product or service. Indeed, our experienced pro photographers and retouchers are experienced in capturing your brand. For instance, our photography services range from lifestyle shots to tabletop product photography. Most importantly, GWP Inc. helps the audience see your big picture.


Sometimes, the perfect sound bite is all you need. For this reason, we develop, produce and handle all post-production. In fact, this ensures your brand message is clearly heard.


First thing to remember, Marshall Mcluhan said,  “The medium is the message.” Therefore, cost management and placement in advertising is just as important as the message. In other words, we maximize your reach with effective planning and spending.


Of course, it may start with logo design. In any event, your brand’s essence should permeate every possible touchpoint. Therefore, it’s vital to have strategy behind branding.


In the first place, TV is still a great medium to reach a lot of potential customers. More importantly, our full-service advertising agency knows how do it creatively.  With this in mind, GWP Inc. will work with you to give you the most bang for your buck.


For one thing, we write, shoot and edit all of our videos, from corporate videos to web films. In fact, we do some pretty snazzy computer animations, on time and on budget.


Certainly, good package design is a strong asset. After all, customers make decisions at the shelf. Does your packaging grab people? More importantly, do people grab it?


In essence, your website is your face to the public. For this reason, letʼs make sure your audience sees you looking your best. More importantly, letʼs make sure they understand your vision. Additionally, we’ll make you SEO friendly so your potential customers will find you.


10 years ago we made the decision to engage people online with a Polident Promotion. Specifically, we decided to be transparent, treat everyone with respect and honesty, be reactive and proactive, and communicate with the consumer in real time. Now, a decade later, it’s nice to see our approach was right.


Connect, inform, and reward your audience with the proper promotion. As a result, you’ll get them to engage them with your product/or service.

About Us

To begin with, visions are realized at GWP Inc., an award-winning, full-service advertising agency. In the first place, we know how to think outside the box. In fact, this helps our clients reach heights they never thought were possible. After all, we are a leading marketing agency in NJ for a reason.


Similarly, we’re the biggest, little ad agency you’ll ever meet. In particular, our agency is built to work as a team, and this team gets it done! Also, our competitive nature forces us to strive for “the win.” Namely, it means getting our clients results. Fortunately, because of fewer hand-offs, better results, and more passion than other agencies, we achieve.


For example, are you launching a product or service? We do that. Has your brand wandered a little (or a lot) off track? Our team fixes that. Do you need exceptional creative thinking executed based off real strategic insights? We provide that. Finally, are you looking for an ad agency with a winning track record with both fortune 100 companies and companies of 100? This agency is that.


We are GWP Inc.

-Eric Lanel

Owner of GWP Inc. 

The Game Plan

First, do you understand your goal? Next, have identified your target? If you have, you’re ready to hire us! If not, we can help! Either way, we’ll develop the strategy that will get you where you want to go.

Design in Mind

Most importantly, we are an award-winning full-service advertising agency that works with the client in mind, every time. In fact, we take into account your needs and goals when designing the right campaign for you and your company.

Creatively Designed

Above all, our in-house team is exceptionally talented. Because of this, we deliver creative assets based on your strategy.


Our Process


Here, we work with you to design the blueprint to your successful advertising campaign from the ground up.

Concept Development

First, when we start to build your strategy, our full-service advertising agency takes into account your company’s needs and audience. Therefore, all the work we create is developed around what’s best for your company. Ultimately, this serves as the foundation of your success.

Asset Creation

Likewise, GWP Inc. designs and develops graphics and imagery that helps bring your company to life.


Obviously, you want to build a strong presence in your company’s industry. Fortunately, our team of professionals will carefully implement and execute strategies in marketing and social media. As a result, it will propel your business forward to help you achieve this.


Meet Our Staff

Overall, the backbone of GWP Inc. is the creative, motivated, and determined individuals that make up our team. In fact, our knowledge and skill are equal with our passion for advertising. Ultimately, this allows us to successfully work with you to propel your business forward. Ultimately, greatness is achieved because of great people.

Eric Lanel
Creative Director

Eric Lanel

Eric Lanel is the owner and president of GWP Inc. Also, he is the creative director, photographer, a father of three, and a husband of one. In addition, Eric Lanel has been passionately providing national clients go-to market strategy for over twenty years. Finally, where creative concept development and strategy are Eric’s passion, working with the incredibly talented team at GWP Inc. is truly his greatest honor.
Jenn Hansen
General Manager

Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer Hansen’s overall responsibilities are to support the company’s operations by maintaining office systems, procedures, workflow and supervising GWP Inc. staff. With this in mind, Jennifer manages both the revenue and cost elements along with profit & loss statements while forecasting the company’s growth and development.
Abbes Naqvi

Abbas Naqvi

Abbas Naqvi is our art director at GWP Inc. To demonstrate, with every campaign that the GWP team works on, Abbas directs the creative flow and feel of each project. Additionally, he manages all video and photography production. Also, he is responsible for maintaining our ad agency’s standards for creative excellence and intelligence.
Marylou Lane

Marylou Lane

Marylou Lane is an art director at GWP Inc. In fact, her involvement in the creative process begins with strategic thinking. As a result, this helps direct the creative product, which continues through the project’s completion. Also, Marylou is responsible for helping clients with integrated brand development.
Emery Childs

Emery Childs

Emery Childs is the client liaison for GWP Inc. Particularly, she coordinates communication with GWP Inc. all while professionally representing our ad agency. Furthermore, Emery is our point of contact by closely dealing with our clients in providing insights and helping manage all projects from start to finish.
Leslie Burwell

Leslie Burwell

Leslie Burwell is the senior business development manager at GWP. For one thing, she has over two decades of bicoastal sales, marketing and product development. With this in mind, she has a wide range of experiences in the radio, TV and print industries. For example, she has the ability and skills to appraise feasibility and generate unique business opportunities. In addition, Leslie’s passion is in identifying great people and great companies to help achieve their business and professional goals.
Dani Greenwald

Dani Greenwald

Dani Greenwald works with potential clients to discover what they are looking for in an advertising campaign. After, the clients and her team up to create an effortless sales process. As a result, she helps develop sales strategies and attract new clients with business opportunities, too.
Elena Meinhardt

Elena Meinhardt

Elena Meinhardt is a client liaison for GWP Inc. In fact, Elena has over 25 years of experience working with Fortune 100 clients. In addition, Elena uses her critical eye and strong attention to detail for editing and proofreading all creative work at GWP Inc.
Sam Carnahan

Sam Carnahan

Sam Carnahan has been in digital marketing for over 15 years. Here, he’s responsible for developing strategies for our clients. In particular, he specializes in email and social media marketing, and pay-per-click marketing.
Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan has over 9 years of experience in the industry. As a result, she is an extremely adaptable designer with expertise across media and software. Also, she can identify what works with a client’s brand and tailor her style to fit their needs with a creative, strategic eye. Besides this, she has incorporated digital painting, 3-D rendering, animation, and even motion graphics into her repertoire.
Jonathan Alava

Jonathan Alava

Jonathan Alva is our graphic designer who is responsible for creating innovative design solutions for all our clients’ needs. In particular, he designs for a variety of campaigns, products, & platforms. Overall, he develops visual ‘brand’ identities.
Alex Csedrik

Alex Csedrik

Alex Csedrik is our copywriter and Adwords specialist. In particular, he is responsible for writing blog articles, press releases, and campaigns; and maintaining our clients’ online reputation. Also,he is in charge of managing all our clients’ Adword accounts. Additionally, in his free time he is a writer and stand-up comedian.
Rachel Winters

Rachel Winters

Rachel Winters is the social media coordinator at GWP Inc. Namely, she is in charge of daily scheduling of social media posts, monitoring, and engaging with followers. Likewise, she creates innovative and creative content. Ultimately, she is responsible for implementing online marketing strategies through various social media platforms.
John Mcphee

John McPhee

John is a search engine advertising specialist. All in all, he manages paid search strategies for clients. In particular, he helps clients reach their online campaign goals through account maintenance and optimization on a daily basis.
Adam Lanel

Adam Lanel

Adam is a keyword advertising specialists who drives users to business’ websites. For example, he uses Google AdWords, Youtube, and geo-fenced location-based marketing to generate website traffic.
Tavvon Reynolds

Tavvon Reynolds

Tavvon Reynolds models all 3D assets. For instance, he utilizes his skill set to also texture, rig, and animate models. As a result, he makes the models in all projects come to life.
Carlos Montalvo

Carlos Montalvo

Carlos Montalvo designs, develops and maintains all of our clients’ web needs. Also, he also manages link building, website ranking and implements SEO best practices.
Henzly Meghie

Henzly Meghie

Henzly designs, develops and maintains all of our clients’ web needs. Additionally, he is our lead PHP programmer for customizing WordPress themes.


Tommy works with the video production team as a lighter and gaffer. Notably, his expertise on set is unrivaled with matching lighting with the mood/theme elements directed in the production.
Sam Carnahan

Mascot/Brand Ambassador

Leo is GWP Inc.’s mascot. In the first place, he is in charge of lifting everyone’s spirits. For this reason, he’s the head of being adorable. Also, he likes to be a star on GWP’s social media in his free time.

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