Redefining Sexy Advertising

Redefining Sexy Advertising

Author: GWP Inc.

Date: July 25, 2019

Category: Tips

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We have a couple of new clients at GWP, Inc. Advertising that - as your English teacher used to call it - have “similarities and differences…”

Traditional Sexy

One client is a start-up tequila brand, the type of new account that the advertising world calls “sexy.” “That’s a sexy client!” Traditionally, products like alcohol and automobiles and entertainment were sexy. They represent discretionary spending, reward and relief. And actually, our new tequila client had plenty of pretty pictures featuring bikinis, blowouts, and blinding smiles. Nothing wrong with that. But in early strategy meetings, they told us they wanted more. They wanted to communicate the integrity of their distilling process, and the quality of their product. They wanted to speak to a target audience that cares about the planet while pouring a cocktail. Our client recognized that as a new brand in a competitive category, their unique selling proposition had to be just that - unique. And something sexy happened. The founders of the brand started talking about the iconography on their hand-made labels. These labels were drawn from the history of the land and the people who started farming it in Jalisco, Mexico. They weaved their own personal history and values into the mission of their upstart vision. It sparked brainstorming that had everyone at the table believing in the campaign we began to create which was good since we were the first focus group! We believed it all because it was 100% true. They were telling us a true story, one that they had been living for many years. They explained the lessons and rewards that they want to share through their organic and exceptional product. You can just tell that they are putting their body, heart and soul into this brand, and that is… sexy.

A New Sexy

GWP’s other new client - let’s start with the difference. They provide safety and life protection services to largely industrial clients. Not usually “sexy” in the advertising world. Their creative assets emphasize giant wrenches and meticulous record-keeping. They needed a digital advertising tune-up and some block and tackle marketing material, and we at GWP, Inc. were happy to get to work on those essentials. But wait a minute… Reviewing strategy and marketing goals, the company’s owner told us how his grandfather had started with one truck, how his father had grown the company and established a proud culture and a loyal workforce. How he - the current owner of this large family-owned business - is dedicated to continuing the tradition and values of the company. He explained the feelings of responsibility and satisfaction involved in keeping many thousands of people safe. And because he is passionate about his family, his business, his employees, his customers - because his desire to improve his community is heartfelt - his story is compelling and heartwarming and exciting and… A true story. That’s the big similarity between these two new clients. When they get talking about their brands, they kind of glow a little - you can’t make this stuff up. So that’s what the two companies have in common, and why they both fall into the new definition of sexy advertising.

What's Sexy?

The truth is sexy. The absolute sexiest thing is when someone looks right at you and wants the real you. You know what we’re talking about. No smoke and mirrors, no fancy talk - just that look in the eye, that pure attraction. And that gets us excited, us storytellers here at GWP. We think the best stories, the sexiest stories, the ones that make people perk up and pay attention, are true stories. When we dive deep for strategy, when we brainstorm for creative, when we develop assets to go to market, we want to help our clients articulate their own truth - help them craft it into a good story and tell it well - passionately, persuasively - to their market. That’s sexy advertising. What’s your story?