Teradata is the world’s leader in pervasive data intelligence. They are changing how the world uses data to achieve better outcomes. They deliver real-time, intelligent answers, leveraging 100% of the relevant data, regardless of scale or volume of query. They do it on-premise, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. It is called Pervasive Data Intelligence. Only Teradata has industry-leading products, expertise, and services to deliver it. Every business has unique needs and Teradata meets them all. The top 17 telecommunications companies trust them. That includes media and entertainment, financial services, life sciences, healthcare, travel and transportation, retail, energy, and manufacturing. Teradata is a passionate community of expert. When they offer their services, their customers trust them with their toughest challenges. They reward that by pushing themselves, across every function in the organization to find solutions that cannot be found anywhere else. By setting the bar high, they achieve the impossible. Teradata invests in the right people to deliver better answers. Leading the industry with revolutionary technology means having deep trust in who is at the helm. That can only mean working with the most experienced people in the world. Together, they make a 100% of your relevant data, with pinpoint accuracy and access, a reality. The unique strength of Teradata has put its technology in a new category. Pervasive Data Intelligence is the new standard for what customers need and expect to compete in the digital economy. It also describes what Teradata can deliver. It is the answer to today’s frustration with analytics. In today’s age, there is a rising value of data. In a digital economy producing data by the zettabyte, Teradata brings unique expertise to your business. They partner with companies to assess, define, deploy, and manage analytics programs with the power to drive innovation and transformation with greater agility. In addition to the world’s premiere analytics consulting talent, they offer decades of experience across major industries and functional domains. GWP, Inc. worked with Teradata, and specifically United Health Group, on a motion graphic to represent what they can offer.

Motion Graphic