Tenax specializes in high-end plastics and services. Those services include Garden and DIY, Construction, Agriculture, Geosynthetics, and Industry. Besides these services, they have great customer and corporate value. They pride themselves on the idea that your business is their business. This is the concept that Tenax has been developing over recent years, using its own exclusive technological knowhow to serve an increasingly marked customer focus. This translates into the refining of its ability to understand, and in some cases anticipate customer needs, and the desire to open up new cancels of communication using its own marketing and technical/production experience. They will do whatever it takes to benefit your business.

The vision of Tenax, especially for the future, is for profitable growth. Growth for stakeholders and in terms of sales volumes and revenues. The expansion and seizure of emerging markets are one of the main drivers of this growth. The steps to success include: be the first choice in the market for current and potential customers, pursue a culture of continuous improvement in all areas (technology, product, service) and constantly develop a sense of belonging and pride of being “Tenax people.” Tenax has been in business since the sixties. Even then, they have made sure that they are not just creating a product. Along with this product is a solution, and that holds true even today.

Since the sixties, Tenax has been ahead of its time. Starting then, they managed to significantly develop extrusion heads, increasing their dimensions from just two to twenty inches. From this, they gained worldwide supremacy with products that were totally innovative in mesh width, size, the structural resistance and therefore also in their applications. GWP, Inc. worked with Tenax to produce videos, print advertising, and photographs. Through these mediums, GWP, Inc. wanted to showcase Tenax’s superiority.