When it comes to supplements, it is not what you take, it is what you absorb that matters. At Qunol, that is their 100% focus. They work tirelessly to provide the best quality CoQ10 and turmeric supplements on the market. Their formulations are enhanced to provide superior absorption compared to regular forms. Qunol CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that can help support heart health and replenish CoQ10 that may be lost because of age and statin use. This vital vitamin-like nutrient helps produce the energy that allows our bodies to function. Our cells need CoQ10 for proper growth and maintenance. It is the vehicle that transports the electrons across the crucial energy production processes within our bodies. CoQ10 is regarded as an essential nutrient for cell regeneration and supports a long, healthy and productive life. Supplementing with Qunol can help restore optimal levels of CoQ10 that your body needs to stay healthy. With the #1 Cardiologist Recommended form of CoQ102, their water, and fat-soluble formulation provides superior absorption. As for turmeric, their Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric Curcumin Complex has water dispersion technology which delivers superior absorption compared to regular§ turmeric supplements. Turmeric, a plant related to ginger, grows throughout India, other parts of Asia, and Central America. Called the “Golden Spice” because of its yellow earth color, contains health-promoting compounds called curcuminoids. Because of this, Turmeric is a beneficial dietary supplement. While whole turmeric powder can be taken as a supplement, the research on the benefits focuses on the active compounds. Curcuminoids are antioxidants that have strong, natural anti-inflammatory benefits. Make the better choice, and help your body, and get Qunol CoQ10 or Qunol Turmeric today! GWP Inc. helped Qunol spread the word of their product and how it compares to other vitamins on the market through video production.

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