Mecho – Shade Systems Manufacturing

Mecho is a leader in energy and environmental design. They were founded 1969 to fill a market void for window coverings that were both durable and reliable, yet uniquely designed. To this day, no competing roller-shade manufacturer can match the high-quality solar protection with a view created from Mecho’s patented research and development. The oil crisis and resulting energy conservation initiatives of the 1970s led a then-growing Mecho to design revolutionary, software-controlled, automated-shading systems that would reduce reliance on electrical lighting by maximizing the use of daylight. Further sustainability gains would follow, with the development of technology for minute-to-minute solar predictions and detecting BTU loads on windows. Solar Protection with a view continues to inspire the current Mecho product line, ensuring a reliably sustainable shading solution, tailored to your needs.

Mecho engineers high-performing shading systems and products that not only optimize the performance of buildings through solar control but also promote occupant comfort, health and performance. The award-winning, performance-proven line of products delivers innovative solutions for every project. Their solutions range from basic shading to hard-to-solve design and technical challenges. Their products include energy-efficient and eco-friendly shade systems, all backed by a lifetime limited warranty and specified by the world’s leading architects and designers. Mecho Shade Systems offer unparalleled solar protection, maximizing daylight in a glare-free environment. Manually-operated or motorized solutions paired with innovative control systems offer ease of operation and sleek, unified design.

They are the trusted leader in performance-proven shade control systems offering seamless integration with existing building management, lighting, HVAC, and A/V provides unmatched flexibility and added functionality. Mecho offers a range of specialty shade solutions for atypical windows no matter the shape, size, or configuration. Each shade ensures protection from direct heat gain and sun glare. You have the ability to choose from hundreds of expertly-engineered shade cloth options for an aesthetically pleasing daylight control solution. GWP Inc. and Mecho teamed up to show how their shades beat those of their competitors.