Luna Sueno Tequila

Luna Sueño is a high-end tequila company. It is the first four distillation Tequila "Quadruple Destilado". This exclusive distillation and oxygenation process brings an unequivocal refinement to the ultra-premium Tequila market. Four distinct alembic distillations create absolute purity while retaining the full floral qualities of their estate-grown Weber Blue Agave. The three varieties of this tequila include:Tequila Anejo, Tequila Blanco and Tequila Reposado. Tequila Añejo rests for 18 months in select, white oak barrels. The Añejo is the Tequila for the most discriminating aficionado. Tequila Blanco is bottled directly after four distillations and precision oxygenation period. Enjoy Tequila Blanco straight and as a complement to a premium cocktail. Luna Sueño is 100% De Agave Tequila, made from the finest estate-grown Weber Blue Agave in the highlands outside of Tequila, Mexico. This tequila sets a new mark in the ultra-premium spirits category for the first and only tequila to be quadruple distilled. Each of the tequilas -- Blanco, Reposado and Añejo are completed with the same unique distillation and oxygenation process. This creates a tequila portfolio with an unparalleled smoothness and a most decadent flavor. Luna Sueño Añejo is destined to be one of the world’s finest spirits. Each drop of Luna Sueño Tequila is bottled in a stunning hand-blown glass vessel with a dream-like luster and reflects the heart and soul of the tequila. In addition, each bottle features a ceramic, hand-painted, one of a kind “lunita,” representing the Moon Dream in each of us. No two “lunitas” are the same, making every bottle a unique work of art. Each tequila has different flavor profiles. The Anejo has notes of floral, caramel, lime and agave while the Blanco is floral and sweet with notes of agave and oak. GWP, Inc. showed the elegance of Luna Sueño Tequila through video production and photography.

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