JavaSok stops condensation from ruining your day. It is a custom drink holder made to fit your favorite brand and size of iced coffee. No more puddles, no more rings and no more cups wrapped in napkins to keep the sweat from dripping on your clothes. This is the permanent solution to the condensation blues. David and Marlee Laks, the creators of JavaSok and year-round iced coffee fans, did not enjoy plastic cups sweating on their tables, desks, nightstands, and coasters, leaving puddles and rings of water from the condensation. They were frustrated by the cups dripping on their clothes while driving or during work, as well as the chill of carrying their preferred icy beverage outdoors in the frigid New Jersey winter. When they could not find a suitable solution to the problem, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands. Initially making sleeves just for themselves, the couple soon inundated with requests from people asking where they could get one for themselves. Let’s face it, the purpose of an iced beverage is to be cold! But that does not mean your hands have to be cold or wet. JavaSok covers about 85% of your cup to provide a comfortable, easy to hold, warm and dry experience. Made from thick, insulating 4MM neoprene that hugs to-go cups, it seals in moisture. The soft and cushy JavaSok provides a natural barrier to the elements. It ensures that your drinks will stay cold for longer, and your hands will stay warm and dry. That means your drinks will stay colder, longer. JavaSok fits into your daily routine seamlessly and it helps your drinks stay colder for longer. It comes in three sizes, so it will fit any size cup you have. Javasok is scent-free, but if something happens, it is able to be washed using warm water. Besides a variety of sizes, the Javasok comes in six colors and camo! Keep condensation from icy drinks in check, and off of your hands and surface. Javasok and GWP Inc.GWP Inc. worked together to help brand JavaSok through photography and package design.

Package Design