Comfort Project 360

Established in 2014, Comfort Project 360 complements the outstanding care provided by The Cancer Program at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. They create supportive and healing environments in which patients and their loved ones are treated. Each and every gift to Comfort Project 360 enhances patient comfort and well-being. Generous donations and community support enable enabled this project to fund meaningful renovations and introduce important programs and amenities into Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s Cancer Centers. Cancer has changed the lives of Hyla Weiss and Suzanne Unger in very different ways. Their unique-yet-similar connection to cancer inspired them to join forces to transform the patient experience at Saint Barnabas Medical Center’s Cancer Centers. Ongoing patient programs include: Comfort Cart, a mobile cart that delivers healthy snacks to patients with a personal touch; Welcome Kits, filled with items to soothe body, mind, and spirit; and It’s a Wrap, which includes scarves and hats to welcome new patients and celebrate the completion of treatment. These programs aim to make cancer patients as comfortable as possible.

Currently, Saint Barnabas Medical Center is focused on transforming the Cancer Center in the East Wing into a more comforting and compassionate environment. Underway, Phase One of this multi-phase project is remodeling the Cancer Center’s two waiting areas into a more uplifting environment, by creating a supportive and relaxing Ella Platnick Short Stay Suite and illuminating hallways with beautiful artwork. GWP Inc. helped Saint Barnabas and Comfort Project 360 on Phase two. The goal of phase two is to introduce thoughtful changes to the Cancer Center’s twenty-three infusion rooms, creating a more soothing environment for the nearly 100 patients that receive chemotherapy or infusions in this space every day. Through video production, GWP Inc. brought this initiative to the public’s eye to help Comfort Project 360 gain the support it deserves.