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We’re excited to share one of our recent website development projects – Dr. Schragen’s Sports Performance and Recovery Center. This innovative sports healthcare hub is dedicated to helping athletes maintain optimal health and achieve their performance goals.

Our task was to create an interactive platform that mirrored Dr. Schragen’s forward-thinking approach to sports recovery. The website needed to encapsulate his unique blend of cutting-edge treatments, personalized coaching, and high-tech recovery tools, all centered around preventative care and total body wellness.

We incorporated comprehensive information about Dr. Schragen’s evidence-based techniques, such as Active Release and Graston Techniques, highlighting their effectiveness in addressing fascial restrictions and muscular imbalances. A dedicated section was crafted to explain the functional movement training and maintenance plans offered, enhancing user understanding of this essential recovery component.

Additionally, we showcased the advanced FDA-approved devices used at the center, such as ARPwave, Cold Laser, and Normatec Recovery Systems. High-quality images and engaging descriptions were used to bring these technologies to life, reflecting their role in accelerating recovery.

The inclusion of an interactive HYPERICE product catalogue allowed for seamless exploration and trial scheduling for these premium recovery tools.

Through intuitive design and user-friendly navigation, we’ve managed to create a digital reflection of Dr. Schragen’s practice that embodies his commitment to redefining sports healthcare and recovery. This project has been a testament to our ability to translate complex, innovative healthcare approaches into an accessible, engaging online experience.

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