Constructing Brands

The building materials industry impacts our world in ways that many people will never realize. But it is an extremely difficult niche for manufacturers to thrive in, even when the market is flourishing. If you are responsible for the success of a building materials company, the Constructing Brands podcast is designed specifically for you. We aim to help you identify and solve the challenges that developers, contractors, architects, designers, and facilities managers are facing with their building materials providers. By understanding exactly how your audience thinks, feels, and operates, you can create the most impactful message with the highest level of visibility. As a result, your building materials company becomes more successful and profitable than ever before.

Episode 3: Building Materials Trends in Architecture, with Joe Bruno

Building Materials Industry | Building Materials and Structural Design Joe Bruno is an architect who specializes in residential and commercial. He has done a significant amount of projects for municipalities and school districts, and he involves himself in every facet of the process from conception through completion. Since Joe has a handle on engineering and […]

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Episode 2: A Modern Contractor’s Perspective on the Building Materials Industry, with Alan Archuleta

  Building Materials Companies | Innovation vs. Application: The Challenges Associated with New Building Products Alan Archuleta started Archuleta Builders back in 2008, and as he approaches twelve years in business, his passion for construction has not waned in the slightest. Before starting his own business, he dabbled in residential, commercial, and even building materials. […]

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Episode 1: Welcome to Constructing Brands, with Eric Lanel

The Constructing Brands Podcast From CBS television to the Walt Disney Company to Doubleclick, Eric Lanel has been involved with driving winning strategies. As the owner of GWP, he has focused his attention on helping people in the building products and services space create a winning strategy and seamless execution platform. What You Will Learn: […]

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