Carl Berger Associates, Inc.

Founded in 1978 by Carl Berger, CBA Financial Inc. has become a leader in the commercial loan industry. The financing experts at Carl Berger Associates specialize in creating, coordinating and facilitating custom financing options for their clients. They have extensive knowledge and experience with government-sponsored loan programs, grants, and incentives from agencies such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) which helps them to create innovative, favorable financing packages at the best possible rates. Their strength lies in their experience and commitment to their clients. If you are considering commercial financing, contact the experts at CBA to discuss your options. Their services include creating and implementing custom financing packages for the following use of proceeds: new construction, lines of credit, acquisition of land and building, renovations and facilities expansion, real estate investments, leasing of machinery and equipment, restructuring of existing corporate debt, working capital and business expansion mergers and acquisitions of existing businesses, accounts receivable financing, workout, and bank forbearance agreements and more. For over 40 years Carl Berger Associates helps clients in the following industries: manufacturing, warehouse distribution, import/export, retail, trucking & transportation, education (private and independent schools), 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organizations and healthcare facilities (nursing homes and assisted living). If you need financing help, CBA will determine your eligibility, qualification level and let you know what your options are. They are here to help your business obtain commercial financing. GWP Inc. is here to help their website show you that through website development. GWP Inc. wanted Carl Berger’s website to be straightforward, so you as a potential client of Carl Berger can understand their services quickly and easily. Through website development, GWP Inc. showed the ongoing commitment that CBA has for their clients.

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