Important Topics in 2022 For Building Materials Manufacturers From An Interior Designer

GWP podcast with Judi Teran

What You Will Learn:

  • How to avoid changing product prices
  • How to handle supply chain issues
  • The importance of sustainability in design products
  • Best ways to get a product in front of a designer
  • What stands out most about a product

In the latest episode of GWP’s Constructing Brands podcast, we speak with Judi Teran, co-owner and interior designer at Iconica Design Studio, about what is important to her in 2022 from a building material manufacturer.

About Judi Teran

Judi comes to the design world informed by her previous career in real estate development. Her design career started with staging homes for sale, becoming one of the most sought-after staging professionals in the NY metropolitan area. Judi’s belief is that good design should implement principles of form and function, taking into consideration the best overall layout for your space to maximize its natural flow, thereby optimizing functionality.