Hear what criteria a top design firm uses to evaluate what products go into their job

GWP podcast with Sandy Goodman

Episode 44: Hear what criteria a top design firm uses to evaluate what products go into their job

What You Will Learn:

  • How are designers are making efficient use of space in healthcare?
  • Best way to get products in front of a designer
  • Is your product meeting today’s safety and health criteria?
  • How to ensure your product would be considered for a project.

In the latest episode of GWP’s Constructing Brands podcast, we speak with Sandy Goodman, President of CRGA Design, on what she requires from a building materials manufacturer for the healthcare space.

About Sandy Goodman

Sandy Goodman has extensive interior design experience designing across today’s continuum of care, including dozens of projects at both acute and ambulatory facilities, physician’s practices, and primary/specialty care suites. Her experience also includes corporate headquarters, administrative consolidation, executive suites, conference and educational space for large healthcare systems. As a Lean Six-Sigma black belt, Sandy is well versed in Lean principles and utilizes her unique expertise to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste in the healthcare environment. In each of these opportunities, Sandy works closely with our clients and key stakeholder groups throughout the design process to develop a space that best fits the needs of the end-users and improves the operational model. As the majority owner, Sandy is responsible for directing the firm’s design practice. Sandy’s responsibilities include business management, business development, and client and vendor relations management. Her leadership skills are heightened by her certification as a Baldrige Executive Fellow. As a Certified Healthcare Interior Designer, she also serves as Principal-in-Charge on many of our Healthcare projects.